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Jean M. Longest






I have been active in the real estate business for over thirty years. In 1996 I was the recipient of the Adrien Bendheim award for the Richmond Association of Realtors, which acknowledges the Outstanding Realtor of the Year. For the last twenty-five or more years my production levels have qualified me for the RAR's Distinguished Achiever levels, and one year made the top-ten list of REALTORS in the RAR in production. Having been active in the residential real estate business since 1979, I enjoy excellent working relationships within the real estate community.

I have been a student at Virginia Commonwealth University, the local university, for over twenty years taking one course each semester. The courses in Architectural History are of particular interest to me. I have completed all of the graduate courses in Architectural History and Urban Design and Planning to fulfill the requirements for the Certificate in Preservation that is offered by VCU. In June of 2011 I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from VCU and my original undergraduate degree is a B. S. in Business Administration from Bryant University in Rhode Island.

My husband is a retired professor of American Literature at the university and we have four grown children and nine grandchildren. Having grown up on the east end of Long Island, going to college in Providence, Rhode Island, and living in Chicago and upstate New York before coming to Virginia, I developed a great appreciation for architecture and urban living.

I moved to Richmond in 1966 and have read many books on Richmond history and culture. Studying Richmond’s rich architecture is an avocation of mine. I particularly enjoy showing Richmond to newcomers and sharing my knowledge of local history and lore. I enjoy my work and career immensely, and continue to grow and change with the industry. Long and Foster provides a great network of colleagues, technology, and marketing opportunities and I have enjoyed working with Long and Foster for the last sixteen years.
Jean M. Longest Facts
Distinguished Achiever
Member of Long and Foster's Gold Team
Member of the Founder's Club at Long and Foster
Served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Richmond Association of Realtors
Over twenty years in the business
Headed the "Consider the City" program several years ago
Co Managing Broker of my office

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